Have you Heard About Tactio®?

Wake up to a whole new dimension to music!

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It's music you can feel.

Music frequencies infuse your body with new sensations.

It's energizing.

Tactile music stimulates your body at the cellular level.

It's fun.

Feel the rhythm as never before!

And it's good for you.

The therapeutic effects have long been known.

Tactio® is tactile music. Developed by JWLABS, leader in the field of Rife frequency technology. We take your music experience to a new level. It's fun, it's rejuvenating and mildly therapeutic.

Charge your body with the therapeutic frequencies of your music, and benefit from technology that has been known for over 100 years to enhance your well being.

Our current products featuring Tactio®

JWLABS Model A4 Rife machine

Learn more about A4

JWLABS Model A3 Rife machine

Learn more about A3

For more information about our history and our products visit us at JWLABS and Rife Machine


Do you love meditation music?

RELAX with the calming effects of these therapeutic frequencies.

You're a classical music lover?

ENERGIZE your body with the richness of a full orchestra.

Rock 'n Roll or Country are your bag?

INVIGORATE every cell in your body with your favorite tunes.

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